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Insulin Inhaler

Administration of insulin is something that many researches arebased on. Insulin can control the blood sugar and this can be done by injectionor inhalation. Since sometimes a patient will have to take six injections everyday, the preferable way of taking insulin is by inhalation. Intestines havedigestive enzymes and the stomach contains acid, and due to this, oral deliverycannot be performed. The number of needed insulin injections can be reduced with the use of insulininhalation.ExuberaR, Qdoser, AERxTM Diabetes Management System and AerodoseR are some ofthe products made by certain companies that are developing such systems. Adults with type 1 and 3 diabetes can use inhaled insulin in the form of anExubera since the September 8th 2005, when the FDA approved this drug. A collaboration between Alkermes Inc. and Lilly resulted in the product which isactivated by breath and since it is very small, it can be taken with you anywhere.But for the Exubera, air is needed to function and it is quite big in size. Exubera is dry-powder insulin, whichreacts very fast. It includes an inhaler device in which blister packs areplaced, and the areas above are filled with insulin by the use of a trigger. If you put the inhaler in the mouth, the insulin powder will get to thelungs. Also, it will reach the blood stream via alveolar wall located in the lungs.The results will be visible after one or two inhalations. The ratio ofingredients in the blister packs is 20% to 80%, with the 80% of it unknown and20% of insulin.


Once you get the inhaler, you will receive training so thatyou can use it, and remember to keep it at a room temperature. The use of theseinhalers can last from six to twelve months. It is important to know that in this way the insulin reaches the destination and causes effect more rapidly thanan injection. The effect on the blood sugar levels is the same as when the insulin is injected. But long-term effects of insulin inhalation are unknownand some issues may exist among those who use insulin inhalation and have lungdisease. If you take inhaler while having pneumonia, its effect may be hampered, but willremain effective while having upper respiratory infection and cold. Exubera cancause rapid fall of the blood sugar among smokers because their lung cells havealready been damaged and this would cause increased absorption of insulin. This means that smokers cannot use this kind of medication. Many great problems, like kidneydisease, loss of vision, cardiovascular issues and damage of the nerves canoccur if treatment with insulin is delayed.

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