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Magnetic Resonance Imagining is the most efficient method for studying the brain. It is also called MRI scan and it provides the full image of the brain. There are a number of brain conditions and complications that can be discovered with MRI scan and that is why it has become a necessary part of the equipment in every hospital. Among other things, it is used for aneurysm, bleeding in the brain, hormonal disorders, abnormal brain development, and multiple sclerosis discovering. MRI scan can also determine the causes of symptoms that are connected with brain.

Preparation Procedure for a Brain MRI scan

Before the procedure, the patient must follow all the instructions and those are to wear something comfortable and remove all the metal objects from his/her body including rings, earrings and other jewelry. After that is done, the patient lies on a flat table and enters the MRI machine. It would be recommended to inform the doctor if a patient has fear from confined space (claustrophobia). If that is the case, doctor will give some medicine so that a patient feels more relaxed and sleepy. Because the table is made out of metal, it is cold and a patient may be given a blanket to keep him/her warm. Ear plugs are also necessary, because of the noise that comes out of MRI scan while working. When a patient is placed in this position and relaxed, then small devices for image improving are placed on his/her head. Restrain from eating and drinking 4-6 hours before undergoing the MRI scan is also advised. People who have medical history of any disease or a health condition must inform the radiologist because their body reacts differently to MRI scan, and the same goes for pregnant women, because even though there aren’t side effects to the baby, it can also feel the strong power of the MRI magnet. People who have some metal part placed in them such as metal hip, or artificial joint can undergo this procedure.

The Price

The cost differs, because if the patient is insured, there is no cost, but he/she has to get an approval from the insurance company. The price varies and it depends on the hospital in which MRI scan is done. In a recent research that has been conducted it has been established that MRI scan costs between 1750-2200 $, and in outpatient centres it costs 700-1000$. Before deciding on MRI scan, everyone should know that there are some hospitals that offer discounts. You can also ask if anyone from your family had experienced a MRI scan and get some first hand information from them.

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