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The following lines will be dedicated to the hormone whichhas been discovered recently. During the studies performed on mice, this hormonehas shown abilities to extend life so this hormone will be used in production ofdrugs that can prolong life of humans. This drug would be some sort of lifeyouth fountain, which is something that the majority of people on the planet would like to have.While some may think that it is just gibberish and that such products will not seethe daylight in many years, others think differently.

Youth Fountain

Every mammal is able to produce naturally the hormone in question, and humanscan do that as well, since we are mammals. According to the researches, aging processcan be slowed down with the use of this hormone or its derivate, but this isjust pioneering researches with inconclusive evidence. There is a lot morework to be done until we have a positive confirmation that this is effectiveand that it can go into mass production. So, before this happens, many studiesand researches will have to be done, so we learn about this hormone as much as wecan. Scientists will try to make the connection between the slowing of theaging process and this hormone, but if this turns false, they will learn moreabout the aging process and our body during this process.

The Klotho Protein

The mentioned studies conducted on mice involved injections of Klotho hormoneinto mice and those who took this hormone, experienced process of aging in aslower manner. You can just imagine the happiness that this discovery brought. TheNational Institute of Aging was one of delighted parties. Healthier agingshould be possible if creation of certain natural hormones or molecules isstimulated. This should mean that we can reduce the severity of the illnessesbrought on by aging. Also, this hormone can help us understand the aging process on the molecularlevel, which may be very beneficial and help us find new treatments fordiseases caused by aging. Studies conducted on animals with overactive Klothohormone show 30% increase in life longevity, then those with normal or lower levels of this hormone.

Testing is presently done on animals only, but we hope that they will find proofthat this hormone does suppress the aging process and that it increases life span.Studies performed today do not include injections of this hormone but this willbe done very soon. Also, we do not know which level of this hormone willpromote longer life and slow down the process of aging. Illnessesassociated with aging, like Parkinson’s and stroke, can be associated with the deficienciesof certain genes or variations, so we may be able to cut this connection andprovide the body with the needed items. There are some complications involved, but the only one discovered sofar is reduced insulin production among humans. Fountain of youth is still faraway from us, but we are getting there, one step at a time.

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