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Few men know that there are simple tips that can be followed in order to cure premature ejaculation.

The most important thing to do is to become of aware of one’s own levels of arousal. It is important to experiment while masturbating, to notice how the penis reacts to different movements.

Breathing is very important in controlling how long a man will last during sex.

Being aware of one’s breathing is a key aspect of extended lovemaking. Rapid breathing will excite and arouse a person, so it is important to take slow and controlled breaths all the way down to the stomach which will calm a person and enables them to delay and hold in the ejaculation.

When a person is focusing on their breath, they are also moving focus away from the genitals. Another good bit of advice is to try and synchronize the rhythm of breathing with the partner’s.

There are also muscle techniques that have proven to be useful in delaying an ejaculation. Pubococcygeous muscle contraction is when the person squeezes the pelvic floor muscles, which are located around the scrotum, penis and anus. This should be done when the person feels the ejaculation approaching. A good way to practice this is by stopping the flow of urine with these muscles when urinating.

Putting pressure on the perineum, which is the area between the scrotum and anus, will help stop the ejaculation because the spot is located right under the prostate gland. When an orgasm occurs the prostrate contracts and expands, which releases the ejaculation fluid. The partner can apply pressure to this area as well, if there is a good level of communication during the lovemaking session.

When a man is about to ejaculate, the scrotum rises up to get closer to the body. If a person feels that the ejaculation is coming soon, he can grab the testicles and gently pull them downward and away from the body.

Another way to stop an ejaculation is by squeeze the top of the penis, just below the head. Even though it is a little awkward, because the person will have to remove his penis from the partner, it is an effective method for preventing a premature ejaculation.

Thrusting technique is also important in preventing premature ejaculations. A good technique to use is to combine shallow and deep thrusts. When a man performs a shallow thrust, only the first inch or two of the penis enters the partner. Try combing nine shallow thrusts followed by one deep one, it will be pleasurable for the partner and will also enable a man to keep going longer.

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