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It is not rare that one in three men experience premature ejaculation at least once in their lifetime. For most men it happens occasionally, but when it starts to happen regularly, then the problems to maintain one's relationship with their partners starts to appear. If a person regularly ejaculates without his or his partner's will, such as before the intercourse even begins, or shortly after it has begun, then he is suffering from premature ejaculation.The cause of such a problem can be both physical and psychological. Even though many men do not feel comfortable talking about the condition, it is highly common and treatable, and the biggest problem about treating it, is not facing the problem. Although this condition can be treated from several angles, the combination of psychotherapy, sexual therapy, and medications is the most effective approach.

As far as the sexual therapy is concerned, there are many approaches, and which would be the best is for the therapist to decide. One technique which could be brought up during one’s visit to the specialist is masturbation before intercourse, in order to lessen the excitement and easier self-control during the intercourse. The avoidance of the intercourse itself may be suggested, in order to relieve the pressure from your sex life. There is also a “squeeze technique”, which is used during foreplay. Every time the person feels it’s about to ejaculate, the partner should squeeze the penis, as the specialist suggests, and repeat this step every time situation demands it, until the person gains control over his reflexes.

As far as medications are concerned, there is not an official cure for premature ejaculation, although some antidepressants have shown their ability to delay ones orgasm. But always have a doctor to prescribe one, and don’t use them on your own. There are also some anesthetic crèmes, but they are not as effective as one can think. If a person smears some anesthetic crème on his penis, there is also a big chance that it will become numb to all the sensations, and may very well have the same effect on a partner when it dissolves during the intercourse itself. These creams may also cause allergic reactions.

Psychotherapy includes so called “talk therapy”. Through the talking with one’s therapist, many hidden problems can be resolved, performance anxieties can be lessened, and by far the best results are achieved if both partners are coming to therapy together.

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