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Perioral dermatitis is a certain type of common medicalcondition which affects the skin. It actually takes its name from the locationwhich it commonly affects and that is the mouth. So it is easy to figure outthat perioral dermatitis is actually the type of dermatitis which affects theareas of the skin which surround the mouth. It usually affects women much morethan it affects male persons and it usually occurs in women who are between 25and 45 years old. The rash associated with this type of medical condition caneasily be characterized as a in between thing, a cross between eczema andordinary acne. Different people get affected by perioral dermatitis indifferent ways. Some experience more acne like symptoms, some others experiencemore eczema-like symptoms, while the third group of people experience symptomsof both conditions equally. Red blemishes, rough to touch and often sensitiveand scaling are a common thing for those who suffer from perioral dermatitis.It is also pretty much common to experience burning sensations and itching atthe affected areas of the skin. Another problem with perioral dermatitis isthat people often tend to confuse it with another medical condition which iscalled rosacea. The exact causes of perioral dermatitis are largely unknown,but certain scientific studies claim that the environment can be associatedwith the development of the condition. There are also certain theories whichclaim that toiletry and cosmetics may also be involved, so that explains whythe condition usually occurs more in women than in men. One should avoid tartarcontrol ingredients, cinnamon flavoring, Isopropyl myristate, sodium laurylsulfate, fluorinated toothpastes, paraffin and petrolatum in order to reducethe risk of the development of perioral dermatitis.

Skin Addiction

A person who suffers from perioral dermatitis usually needsto visit a regular physician before going to a dermatologist. Most physiciansusually prescribe topical steroids of high potency in order to treat thismedical condition. These steroids are known for being highly efficient, buteach time the person withdraws from them, rash flare up and sometimes they mayend up being worse than before the treatment. This occurs mainly due to thefact that the skin becomes addicted to the steroids. Another problem with thesesteroids is that they may be associated with atrophy of facial skin when usedfor prolonged periods of time. PD therapy is usually the best possibletreatment method.

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