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A large number of reasons can cause nerve pain, but a proper treatment depends upon the cause of the pain itself. Medical term for nerve pain is neuralgia, and the fact is that an overall felling related to this kind of pain is very unpleasant. Nerves can be presented as a net of lines that are transmitting electrical signals through the brain. Three types of nerves are identified, autonomic nerves, motor and sensory nerves, and each has different function. If you injure any of these nerves, a nerve pain is likely to occur. At the beginning, it is important to discover the cause of the pain. In this modern world, with newly discovered characteristics of herbs, there are more home remedies that are used in the treatment of a nerve pain. Meditation, acupuncture, aromatherapy may be also included in the treatment. Nerve pain that occurs because of a disc herniation and piriformis syndrome is the most severe. Reasons for the nerve pain are usually related to nerve degeneration, compression, and injuries, but there are number of other things that can cause nerve pain, such as Lyme disease, HIV, use of drugs, deficiency of certain vitamins (B1, B6, B12), etc.


The nerve pain differs due to the type of the nerves. Damage of the autonomic nerve causes numbness, dysfunction of bladder etc, while in the case of neuritis a burning pain is present. Symptoms of nerve pain in motor nerves are similar to symptoms of muscle atrophy. If you have problems with nerve pain, here are some tips that can help you in decreasing the pain. One of the easiest remedies is to take long and relaxing hot bath so that blood circulation could improve. Tea made of chamomile, horseradish, celery, and elderberry can also help in nerve pain reduction. Another home remedy is celery that is mixed with carrot juice, while combination of celery and tomato juice is also good for nerve pain. If you have a problem with pinched nerves, you can try with paste made with cinnamon and honey. Apply it on the painful area and wash it after several minutes. Massaging with aloe vera cream or gel is also good. Another method to preserve nerves and stop nerve pain is a proper diet, which should include vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, D. Zinc and magnesium play an important rule as well, and all of these vitamins and minerals exist in the vegetables and fruit, which should be consumed either raw and cooked. You will see, not only will it reduce nerve pain, but it will help you feel better. And, if you include regular light activity such as running or just walking in nature, you will certainly see a difference!

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