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Hypericum Family and Nerve Damages

This is the name of a genus, consisting of round 400 species of flowering plants distributed and widely used all around the world. As far as healing properties are concerned, plants from this group are used in aiding and remedying an injury, especially those including a particular nerve related damages – back and neck injury, crushed fingertips and alike. The most commonly used forms of these plants are ointment and sprays.

Nervous System – Background

As most of us already know, nervous system is the mastermind behind the control boards of our bodily functions such as muscle and heartbeat control, breathing and body temperature control. Given the fact that each nerve group is responsible for a different part of the body, it is rather difficult to recommend precisely a couple of remedies that can be applied to the nervous system alone. The first and foremost thing is getting to know our nervous system and types of nerves that are found in our body.

Autonomic nerves - responsible for the control of the involuntary and semi-voluntary body functions (blood pressure, heart rate, digestive system, and body temperature)Motor nerves – responsible for movement control by means of conveying information from the brain and the spinal cord all the way to the musclesSensory nerves – responsible for the passing on of information from the skin and muscles right back to the spinal cord and the brain, for the purpose of conveying to us the feeling of the occurring pleasure, pain and all the other sensations

Nerve Pain and Damage Treatment Methods

Given the progressive nature of the conditions and illnesses caused by the damage of the nerves, a person should first and foremost visit a doctor. Since the progression makes the condition or illness only more difficult and serious, unfortunately it can never be remedied for good, but only ameliorated by means of medications, medicines and remedies. These are employed in order to ease the pain and hardship, and to stop nerve damage from deteriorating any further. Of utmost importance is to treat the condition or illness underlying and causing the nerve damage itself.

In case of diabetes, one should aim at balancing sugar levels in the blood by employing sugar substitutes and even artificial sweeteners.In case of a bad diet, or alcohol and narcotics overdosing, you should, by all means, stop taking the latter and improve on the former.In case of medication related nerve damage, the best step to be taken for the person in question is to visit a doctor in order to get an advice on the medicine that might be the possible cause of nerve damage and find an appropriate alternative.

One method considered to be highly effective, is acupuncture. This traditional Chinese art of healing is especially effective in ameliorating and remedying nerves that have been damaged.

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