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Anoccurrence of low blood pressure is called hypotension. Although, high bloodpressure is a more common ailment, the opposite can also be very unpleasant.People suffering from hypotension may experience symptoms such as dizziness andfainting. On the other hand, having low blood pressure may mean that theindividual has serious heart, endocrine or neurological disorders.

Asubstantially low blood pressure can deprive the brain and other vital organsof oxygen and nutrients which would lead to life-threatening circumstances.Dizziness or lightheadednessFainting (syncope)Blurred visionCold, clammy, pale skinFatigueChronic thirst

Depending on the cause, certain methods may help in reducing thesymptoms, if not more. Water should be preferred to alcohol, since the lattercan cause dehydration. Even moderate consummation of alcohol may negativelyinfluence a person who already has hypotension. A healthy diet is alwaysrecommended.

Regular intake of nutritious foods is essential even for a healthyperson, not to mention someone suffering from hypotension. If a doctor happens to recommend a higher sodium intake and thepatient is not big on salt, he or she can substitute it with soy sauce, forinstance. Soy sauce is known to contain whopping amounts of sodium, so itshould do the trick. Sudden movements should be avoided so as to avoiddizziness. Caffeine helps to temporarily increase the blood pressure, but itcan cause other problems, so it should be checked with a doctor before application.All of these treatments can safely be used at home in order tocure cases of hypotension.

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