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Gum Diseases

Gum or periodontal disease is the infection of the teeth andgums, named gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis is considered to be mildertype of this disease. The gums of gingivitis patients are red and swollen andthey usually bleed very easily. This problem is caused by the bacterial infection.Improper care of the teeth causes accumulation of the plaque and may lead tobacterial infection. Proper oral care and help of a dental professional areusually enough and many people resolve their problem in this way. However, the problembecomes more severe once the infection spreads further. Bacterial toxins mayirritate the gums below the gum line and lead to progression of the disease. Whenit breaks down the supportive tissue of the teeth the disease is known asperiodontitis.

Alternative Treatments for Gum Diseases

Nutrition, supplementation and different herbal remediesmight be the solution you were looking for to resolve your gum disease.

Proper nutrition is very important when it comes to the gumdisease. Poor nutrition, obesity and diseases like diabetes are recognized asthe attributing factors for the development of the gum diseases. Impropernutrition doesn’t provide nutrients for the healthy immune system so our bodybecomes weak and prone to different infections, including gum diseases. On theother hand, there are some substances known to help people suffering from gumdiseases. Calcium and vitamin C are among these substances, so you might wantto take more of them while fighting against gum problems.

Vitamin C is proven to maintain the proper health ofcollagen and membranes and also positively affect human immune system. You canfind plenty of this vitamin is citrus fruits, kiwi, mango, kale, broccoli and in redbell peppers. Note also that sugar, especially sucrose, competes with vitamin Cand affects the formation of plaque on your teeth. Many dental specialists thereforeadvise their patients to avoid sweets and use whole grains and fiber rich foodto improve their periodontal health.

Supplements of vitamin C may be the solution you need andsome suggest using 3 to 5mg doses every day. Since this vitamin possessesantioxidant properties your body will be able to fight against bacteria and oxidativestress more efficiently.

Vitamin E, selenium and coenzyme Q10 are also claimed to bevery helpful for people suffering from gum problems. Recommended doses areabout 400mcg of selenium and 400 to 800 IU (international units) of vitamin Eper day.

Herbs rich in flavonoids may also help you. Use green tea,hawtorne berry, bilberry or grapeseed extract and your teeth and gums should beprotected against harmful bacteria. Some also suggest using Sanguinaria Canadensisor Centella asiatica for this purpose.

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