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About the hamstrings and the related injuries

Hamstrings are the muscles which are located on the back of the upper part of the legs and they connect the knees to the hips. They are in use during almost every movement of the legs and they are usually among the first ones to be built up in the professional sportsmen. That is because their function is to stretch the knee joint, so whenever the leg is in the straight position, they actually do that job. And that is why they are very prominent especially in the case of the bicycle riders, sprinters, soccer and football players, and so on.

When these muscles are hurt, and the most common injuries are the strains or the complete tear of the muscular fibers, the pain is the most pointed out following trouble, but there is also certain impossibility to perform some of the most usual movements. The injuries are to be healed with the rest, discipline, the physical therapy and with persistence, since the muscular tissue has no such the characteristic of the fast regeneration, as the skin and bones do.

The healing process

However, as already mentioned above, the most common injury when we talk about these muscles is the pull of a hamstring. That injury can be described as abnormally extended or ruptured muscular fibers. Of course the healing period will last depending on the extent to what the fibers are damaged, meaning that the rehabilitation usually lasts from 7 days (in the milder cases) to several months in the more severe cases, when the swelling should come off firstly. On the other hand, the most serious type of the pulled hamstring is manifested as the abnormal swelling which disables the affected person to make even one step, and the condition is followed by the unbearable pulsating pain. When such a thing happens, the individual must undergo the surgical procedure and the healing process will last for one half of a year.

So, the prognosis of the completely ruptured fibers is little bit unfavorable, but this injury is treatable. Additionally, the veins and capillaries of that area are also ruptured and that is why that area is of the reddish and purple color. And, consequently, since there is the problem of the poor circulation in the affected area, the healing process is postponed for some additional time.

Fortunately, there are a few things that can be done at home, which will speed up the process of regeneration. First of all, it should be pointed out that during the first two days after the injury took place, the patient should restrain him or herself from any physical action, if possible. Of course, the ice pack held over the affected spot is always beneficial for the reduction of the swelling and for lessening the pain. For the same purpose, the flexible bandage could be wrapped around the hamstring and the leg should be held in the elevated position.

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