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A cyst variety such as functional cyst is known to be quite harmful in nature, and it has the tendency of disappearing on its own after a while. But in case a cyst increases in size significantly in the course of time, as well as if it begins twisting and bleeding, all this may lead to breaking accompanied by extremely troublesome, severe and intense pain.

Cysts that tend to affect an ovary, also known as the ovarian cysts, represent pouch-like growths that form on the ovary itself in the moment the ovulation takes place. The function of the cyst is to retain the egg while it matures. Once this happens, the pouch itself gets reabsorbed, thus enabling the action of letting go of the egg itself. In case this fails to happen, and the egg remains in its initial position, or in case the hole in the bag shuts after the egg, there is a possibility of swelling accompanied by a substantial retention of fluid.

Conventional treatment vs. home remedies

Since many people have been disappointed by the effects that come from conventional treatment therapies and medications, they prefer home and alternative remedies. However, medical experts and doctors strongly oppose to this and point out the significance of the aforementioned treatment ways instead. What have numerous research studies shown is that it is possible to decrease the overall effects of luteinizing hormones by employing the birth control pills in the period spanning from ten and all the way to twenty six days into the menstrual cycle. Namely, then no cyst stimulation takes place whatsoever, and furthermore into the cycles the cyst itself just vanishes on its own, once and for all. Another direct implication of such a treatment approach is that it brings about a substantial relief from any pain and aches, as well as from any of the undesired manifestations that tend to take place as a direct consequence of the cyst related complications. However, opting for a home treatment should become a likely option then and only then if the proper diagnosis has already been set by an expert or a specialist, and if a cyst itself has been marked as malignant.

Despite all the known positive effects that this type of treatment may provide a person with, a general consensus and unanimous agreement on the use of contraceptive based therapy as the best and most effective one has yet to be reached. But another upside of this is that, in quite a lot of cases, this form of treatment therapy is prescribed together with hormonal contraception for the purpose of bringing about an increase in overall effectiveness.

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