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Injured hamstring or pulled hamstring and its treating by yourself is elementary. To refrain barefoot walking as wearing the sport shoes will protect your legs.
When injury fades and pain is gone it is recommended to restructure your leg muscles as well as your hamstring. The best way to do it is, along your trainer and physiotherapist , to set up rehabilitation program with individualized strengthening, and endurance and stretching exercise. Measured activities is very important while rehabilitation. It will begin with inert exercise until it is time for more active training. After that more forceful exercises will begin, like stationary cycling, walking, water exercises, squats, or weight training. When painfulness disappear, and hamstring is ready to stretch without any pain, then easy running and more intense training can begin.
Any type of violent training should be evaded, but alteration of training is recommended. Worsening of injury by violently expansion like YOGA, which can further damage hamstring muscles is not welcome, but easy stretching could be very important for regaining of suppleness of muscle tissue. Advise is that training should be with half normal intensity and strength, and to escalate progressively. It is important not to do workout by your self because it is a possibility of causing more damage but if you want to improve rehabilitation recommendation is to use home ultrasound .
Using of neoprene sleeve or brace, or bandage can help with back up the muscle and for additional stability. Use it but do not wear it all the time, because they may cut off circulation or obstruct healing process.
Coordination with professionals as well as knowing to ease pressure in your muscles in every day doings maybe the solution is to change your shoes or to make breaks more often.
The most useful for treating pulled hamstring is An Inferno Wrap™, because of assimilation of infrared thermal energy, muscles and tissues are heated in wright way, and by cumulative circulation in heated area body itself react in perfect way eliminating toxins with rapid source of nutrients to encourage healing process.
Also it is recommended to use Hot/Cold Compression Wraps by by the Mayo Clinic and other sport and medical professionals. Hot/Cold Compression Wraps became very accepted by soccer and baseball trainers, because when using one you can heat or cool tho other. Advantage of Hot/Cold Compression Wraps is in that you can suitably store them in the cooler for fast application.
As prevention tool for pulled hamstring, is ultrasound therapy. It would be good to have movable ultrasound device at home. When the symptom of pulled hamstring, occurs or you are recovering from one to use ultrasound day by day before training or therapy will calm down your hamstring muscles, tendons and tissues, and it ease the pain and inflammation and will provide faster and better healing of the injury.

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