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Skin Hives

This problem, also known by the name of the urticaria, can be the cause of burning and itchiness on the skin. In the following text, we will focus on this skin disorder, its causes and treatment methods. If you are having problems with hives on your skin, then you have itchy bumps and they are usually caused by some allergic reaction. Due to this reaction, some chemicals are released by the human body and these chemicals make the skin swell up and create the problematic red bumps. This problem is more common among those who are prone to allergy problems. The problem of hives on the skin may become worse over time, so it requires immediate attention and treatment, although it does not look very serious. Hives appear like rash bumps of pink or red color. The problem of skin hives usually needs the treatment, but in some cases these bumps may go away on their own.


There are several common causes of the problem in question. Medications like narcotic painkillers, antibiotics, ibuprofen, Aspirin, can sometimes cause the hives to appear on the skin. Also, the problem may be a result of viral, bacterial or fungal infection. The hives on the skin may be caused by allergies due to the mold, pollen, animal dander, grains or insect bites. Even exposure to water, cold, heat or sunlight can lead to the creation of skin hives. Allergies from foods, like strawberries, shellfish, eggs and nuts, can cause the hives, along with the medical problems, such as gland diseases, blood diseases and cancer. The hives can also be a result of stress.


If you are a fan of natural remedies, there are several available. Further spreading of the problem may be eliminated with the use of cold showers or application of the ice pack on the troubling area. This needs to be done 2 or 3 times during the day, but you should also know that heat can aggravate the problem, so try to avoid things like hot showers. If the food allergy is the cause of the problem, try to figure out which food is causing the problem, which can be done if you the keep track of the things you eat. Wash the clothes with unscented and mild detergents, while the affected skin area can only be washed with cold water and mild soap. All cosmetic products must be eliminated from the use. Oral antihistamines are given if the problem is a result of histamines. The most frequently used ones are Benadryl and Chlor-trimeton and you should know that they may induce drowsiness, which may be a good idea for those with stress related skin hives. If you prefer those without this side effect, there are several available ones. If the problem is a result of stress, antihistamines and antidepressants are given in the same time. Know that the treatment methods we stated should give relief from the hives on the skin, but if this doesn't happen, see a professional who will find the exact cause and conduct a proper treatment.

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