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Hirsutism is probably one of the most disturbing and appearance impairing medical conditions. Women suffering from this disease have problems with extreme grow of dark hair on the entire body. Androgen is responsible for this condition. This male sex hormone is very high in number in adrenal glands and ovaries, when hirsutism is developed. This usually happens because of gland tumor, polycystic ovarian syndrome, resistance to insulin, medications, or anabolic steroids.

The most usual symptoms are excessive hair in abdomen, upper lip and breasts, acne, deeper voice, enlarged clitoris, bigger shoulder muscles, irregular menstrual periods and body different then feminine. These symptoms may develop a serious case of hirsutism, which will cause elevated blood pressure, skin thinning, diabetes and extremely high appetite. If you have these symptoms, you have developed Cushing syndrome. Even race and genetics have been brought up as culprits for hirsutism. In order to make diagnose, a doctor will probably check pelvic and hair, and ask about family history and menstrual cycle. Tests like CT scan, pelvic ultrasound and blood test may discover this disease.

But diet and exercise may prevent the disease to appear, along with a stop in consuming certain medications. Positive results may not appear and in those situations, hair removal treatment and self-care methods can be used, as well as laser therapy. To eliminate this condition, certain medications and even surgery can be successful. However, for people with hirsutism, diet should be without red meat, refined food, greasy acids, onion rings, donuts, alcohol and tobacco. This diet should consist of fruits, vegetables, lean meat, healthy oils, plenty of water and exercises.

The main culprit for this condition, androgen, can be reduced by taking 200 mg of calcium-D-glucarate two times a day or 120 mg of Diindolylmethane once a day. Drinking a tea of some herbs and roots may reduce the effect of hirsutism. These are tinctures, glycerites and dried extracts. Boiling leaf for 5-10 minutes or root for 10-20 minutes, will give a remedy. This remedy should be consumed 2-4 cups a day. You can also try 20-40 mg of Chaste tree before breakfast, 20-40 mg of black cohosh two times a day, 160 mg of Saw palmetto two times a day or a cup of Spearmint tea two times during the day. Acupressure has given some results in treating this condition. We have to warn pregnant women that taking medications in pregnancy can be dangerous. Pregnancy can sometimes worsen the hair grow on legs, breasts, face or arms. But if you are experiencing this disease, get medical attention in order to find the right reason for hirsutism. Only then can the disease be eliminated. If this isn\\\'t accomplished, the condition may never be treated properly. And the hair will remain forever.

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