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Excessive Hair Where There Should NotBe Any

There are women who aresuffering from having excessive amounts of bodily hair growing in theplaces where women usually do not have prominent hair. This involvesthe face, arms, chest and other, unusual areas like this. What ismore, these hairs tend to be strong and long, making the problem evenworse. Therefore, besides baldness, being one of the greatestproblems of males predominantly, we have hirsutism troubling womenaround the world.

Causes of Excessive Bodily Hair Growthin Women

Even though this condition has beenquite mysterious and the exact cause of it has not been determinedyet, it is likely that this problem has a lot to do with hormonalactivities in an affected woman's body. Quite simply, too much malehormones in a woman's body can possibly result in this condition.Ideally, estrogen, being the female hormone should be capable ofreducing all the effects of androgen, the male hormone which is alsolocated in a woman's body. However, when women start suffering fromexcessive bodily hair, this is obviously not the case since thepredominant hormone in their body is androgen, making their softbodily hair mutate into hard, male-like, hair which grows faster andis far more prominent.

Since male hormones in a female bodyare produced either in the ovaries or the adrenal glands, someproblems and abnormalities within these two body parts may be thedirect cause of hirsuitism in a woman and should be further lookedinto. Moreover, there are many different medical conditions, somemore serious than the others, all capable of triggering the growth onmanly hair on a woman's body.

This usually takes place in puberty.However, it can take place earlier if the male hormone production istoo high even in this period.

How May This Condition Be Treated?

Taking into consideration all of thefacts mentioned above, a root of the problem needs to be found inorder for the problem itself to be treated. Therefore, ovarianproblems are to be treated if they exist and cause the troublesomesymptoms. Also, an overactive adrenal gland should be regulated withmedication. However, once the cause is stopped, remaining excessive hair stillneeds to be taken care of through shaving, depilatories, laser hairremoval or electrolysis. Once these hairs are removed, throughhormonal therapy, there is a great chance that these uncomfortablegrowths will never appear again.

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