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Labile high blood pressure can be defined as borderline hypertension. It features with the continuous fluctuation of pressure between low and high levels. The fluctuation of pressure can consequently lead to ringing in the ears and headache.

Causes of Labile High Blood Pressure

There are several factors which contribute to occurrence of labile high blood pressure. One of the leading causes is stress. People exposed to chronic and excessive stress commonly suffer from spurts of blood pressure. This variation of blood pressure is also associated with pheochromocytoma. Pheochromocytoma is a tumor of the medulla of the adrenal gland. It produces excessive amount of catecholamines which cause drastic changes in blood pressure. Apart from previously mentioned labile hypertension may be induced by increased emotional response, anxiety attacks, excessive consumption of caffeine and food rich in salt etc.

Symptoms of Labile High Blood Pressure

The symptoms of labile high blood pressure are not the same as those in hypertension which occurs due to the other causes. Labile high blood pressure may be asymptomatic. Some patients complain about headache, dizziness, weakness and ringing in the ears. There are no heart palpitations. Labile high blood pressure is equally dangerous as other types of hypertension since it can cause damage to numerous organs. This particularly refers to asymptomatic labile high blood pressure where patients are not even aware of the presence of the disease.

Treatment for Labile High Blood Pressure

The treatment for labile high blood pressure can be hard since this type of elevated blood pressure sometimes does not respond to hypertension medications. This is why doctors tend to establish the underlying cause of hypertension and then suggest most suitable treatment modality.

People exposed to stress must learn how to cope with it. They need to relax and this way the pressure will be brought under control. Apart from managing stress people are advised to reduce intake of fat, excessive amounts of caffeine and salts. Obese people must lose weight. This can be achieved with a combination of healthy food and physical activity. Quitting smoking as well as abstaining from alcohol are two more preventive methods for labile high blood pressure. Regular exercise of any kind is excellent in maintaining healthy levels of blood pressure. Patients may have insight in the level of blood pressure with home blood pressure measuring equipment. They can measure pressure each time when they are anxious or nervous.

If pheochromocytoma is the cause of labile high blood pressure the patients require surgical removal of the tumor since there is no good response to hypertension medications in people suffering from pheochromocytoma.

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