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This infection, which goes by the two distinct names genital herpes or simply herpes, belongs to the group of infections which are caused by one virus known as HSV (med. herpes simplex virus). Given the fact that it is extremely mobile, it has little trouble in moving from its initial position to the final destination through roots of the nerves and all the way to the area in vicinity of the spinal cord, where it settles. More importantly, the way it gets inside the body is the following – the HSV finds its way inside by making contact with the inner membranes of the labia covered in mucous.

The visible manifestation of the virus is more or less, familiar to everyone and is exhibited in the form of herpes. At this particular moment the virus moves through nerves and fibers, its final destination being the place where the infection initially occurs. Once it has successfully arrived at that spot, it automatically causes the occurrence of soars and redness, followed by the appearing of tiny blister-like growths, and when this first infection wave is over in the course of time, there is also the possibility of frequent occurrence of other outbreaks.


When considering these types of herpes which are in direct connection to the genitals, the two most common variants are HSV-1 and HSV-2. The former is the main culprit for the occurrence of sores in the mouth region, whereas the latter is the one to be blamed for the occurrence of sores and blisters in the region near to the anus. But before these two virus variants take all the blame, what is important to know is that herpes actually occurs primarily because of the weakening of the immune system, and therefore, the women who, because of greater quantities of stress, various infections or medication overuse, hinder the proper functioning of their immune system are at greater risk of coming down with herpes, which in their case lasts for quite some time.

Self education

One of the biggest problems is most certainly the lack of knowledge, not only in the form of lack of information but also in the sense that often women who are infected with herpes are not aware of it because in many cases no symptoms are evident, and thus they transmit it further to their partner. Among the most common symptoms of the genital herpes are – rash in genital region, burning sensation while urinating and swollen nodes of the lymph.

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