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Health must be regulated and should be the number one priority in your life. Thereare several methods to doing this and those are increasedphysical activity, proper eating habits and using supplements. Much is knownabout dieting and exercising but what about supplements? What are the herbs in alternativemedicine that can help us a lot?


It is obvious that there are so many herbs that can help us.They have so many positive effects, that it can be said that each and every systemin our body can be protected and enhanced with the help of herbs. For example,one of the most common effects is the effect created by antioxidants. Theyeliminate toxins from our bodies, especially so-called free radicals, which arepotentially very dangerous. There is also a role in the weight reductionprocess. This can be done in several ways. Mechanism of weight reduction is notknown in some herbs, while some act as appetite suppressants and also as fatbinding substances. Some herbs can alleviate depression. Actually, there aremany medications based on herbs that deal with depression and some othermental issues, although it is said that this type of meds should be used forat least two weeks before some effect appears. Another positive effect is enhancingthe digestive process. Actually, there are herbs that can deal with conditionslike diarrhea and constipation. There are also herbs that can induce cleansingof the intestines, which some people use from time to time in order to relievethe intestines from waste material (this is sometimes important forrejuvenating the walls of the intestines and for preserving some energy). Also,there are herbs that can help with respiratory problems and with cleaning thebreathing passages. This can be done with inhaling the steam from herbal teas. Manyherbs have many vitamins and minerals that should be used on a daily basis.


Herbs can be used in several forms. One of the most commonis tea. Actually, it is the most common form of herbs and is spread worldwide.The problem is that there are many companies that sell tea and it is sometimes hardto choose a quality product. Other forms of herbs are juices, extracts, powdersetc. Different parts of the plant can be used, leaves, roots, flowers, fruitsetc. Some of the most commonly used plants are astragius, garlic, ginseng,acai, hoodia, as well as all sorts of fruits.

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