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Almost every person knows that fibula is the bone which is present in the lower leg. Some people know fibula by the name of calf bone. Tibia is the thick bone which is palpable in the front portion of the lower leg and fibula is located on the lateral side of it. There are several long bones in the body and fibula is the thinnest and the most slender of them all. Even though tibia is a very strong and thick bone, there are a lot of fractures of it throughout the year. Not a lot of people know that when the tibia is fractured, fibula breaks as well because of the transmission of the force from the tibia. That means that when tibia breaks, fibula gets fractured as well.

Causes of fibula fracture

In most cases of fibula breaks, they are caused by a direct blow to the bone. Spiral fracture is more common in toddlers and small children. Spiral fractures occur due to the tortuous force acting on the fibula. Lots of people who participate in certain adventure sports suffer from fibula fractures a lot. Old people suffering from osteoporosis have a higher chance of breaking the fibula as well.

Treatment of fibula fracture

There are various factors which will determine the treatment plan for fibula fracture. The location of the fracture and its severity are the most important factors. Another important factor is whether tibia is involved or not. In most cases, the plan consists of a closed reduction and the placement of a cast. External fixation and even surgery are needed if the fracture is more severe. Bone grafting is possible as well.

Fibula fracture healing time

The time that is needed to pass in order for the fibula to heal properly is not the same with every person. There are various factors involved in this equation. The symptoms and the severity of the fracture will determine how much time it is needed to pass. Experts claim that fibula heals a lot quicker than most other fractures. In most cases, it takes between eight and ten weeks for the fibula to heal on its own. However, in most cases the muscles and the soft tissue will be sore after that period, so it may take up to 16 weeks for the fracture to be properly healed. A person will not be able to participate in any physical activity during the time while his or her leg is in a cast.

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