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Trigger finger is a condition in which one finger or the thumb freezes in a bent position. It may straighten with a snap - like a trigger being pulled and released. It is more common in women, diabetics and the elderly.

It effects the movement of the tendons when the fingers bend to the palm, which is called flexion. It is sometimes caused by people using power tools that feature a pistol-grip for extended periods of time.


Common symptoms include: finger stiffness, particularly in the morning, finger locked in a bent position, which one is unable to straighten, a popping or clicking sensation as one moves a finger, finger catching or locking in a bent position, which suddenly pops straight, and tenderness or a bump (nodule) at the base of the affected finger, etc.


The best cure is actually rest. One should try and not move the affected hand for about a month. It requires great sacrifice, but is not unfeasible. Then, the doctor might prescribe a corticosteroid, some finger exercises, or even have the person wear a splint, also for about a month. This helps the joint to rest. Massages and soaking the hand in warm water are also quite effective when it comes to this problem. Acupuncture has also been proven highly effective. It can help the blood circulation in the distressed area and decrease the chances of an inflammation. In worse case scenarios, surgical solution might be necessary (but this is only for the most serious cases of trigger finger).

Homeopathic remedy

Vitamin B6. Proven to be of great assistance, but, before trying this supplementary method, one should consult a doctor who may prescribe the right dosage and instruct on use. Arnica Montana. Used for a number of conditions in homeopathy.. If one’s trigger thumb worsens with movement, touch, or damp, but feels better when lying down, it's especially likely that a homeopath will prescribe this remedy. Bryonia is used for any limb that might be worse when moved. Nux vomica, to use when pain appears with expanding the finger. Evening Primrose Oil. As effective for trigger finger, it is also used for rheumatism or joint pain. It relieves one of pain and may help with this condition. Aurum metallicum, if the pain gets worse by night. Rhus toxicodendron, when the movements are limited. Calcarea fluorica is used when nodes have developed. It also helps ease the pain of trigger finger.

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