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People can sometimes have the problems with Flexing or extending the finger’s digit. There is a condition which affects the tendon and causes it to swell, and when this occurs, the clicking sound is heard when the finger is flexed. This can be very painful in some cases, especially in the morning period of the day. Just like with any other condition, if deciding not to treat it, some very dangerous consequences can be caused. There is the possibility of an immobile finger or it can have just a limited motion span, but these cases are very rare. We have mentioned that this condition makes the finger do a certain sound when flexed, and this sound is called "triggering", which is why this condition is called trigger finger. The "locking" is the name for the limited movement of the finger.

In the following text, we will dig deeper into this issue. There are several possible causes for the trigger finger. One possibility is that molecules are breaking up and causing the swelling, while another is the change of substance in the cells. When it comes to the problems that a person may experience if suffering from a trigger finger, we have already mentioned the pain when finger is flexed, but pain can also be felt in the palm of the hand. The pain will become greater over time, and the condition will progress along with the bump in the tendon, which will eventually block the movement of the finger. According to the statistic, older women are the most affected group of people. But, although this condition is commonly connected with hard work, the studies show that there is no connection between these two elements.

After the doctor has diagnosed the trigger finger, then the treatment follows. Patients will have to learn about this condition as much as possible, and change the usual activities of the finger. For this condition, doctor will give you some anti-inflammatory medications, and probably a splint to wear. Hand therapy is another part of the trigger finger treatment, but the most effective way of eliminating the problem is steroid injections. However, do not take more than three, because degradation of collagen can happen. For the most severe cases, surgery can be performed, and it is very effective and simple, taking only 15 minutes, and allowing the patient to leave the hospital just two hours after the operation. Some risks related to this kind of the surgery include local structure damage, infection and risk of surgery failure.

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