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It is not uncommon for people to injure their fingers. Even though it may not happen very often for some individuals, almost every person has at least once injured his or her finger. Some people injure the fingers more often than others but there are almost no people who have never injured a finger. In most cases of finger injuries, it is the ligaments and tendons which are damaged. Even though most of finger injuries do not cause a lot of pain, they are known to interfere with the normal daily activities. However, people need to know that it is important that they do not underestimate the severity of a finger injury. Because of this fact it is not uncommon for people not to receive proper treatment which can lead to several consequences. Even though the fingers are not big in size, there are a lot of tendons located there and due to that fact; there are lots of ligament-related injuries that may occur.

Trigger finger

All experts agree that a certain injury named trigger finger results from the limited motion in the tendon that is responsible for the opening and closing of the finger. It is common for people who experience trigger finger to experience locking, catching or snapping of the affected finger. A person will also experience pain and dysfunction when the flexor tendon of the affected finger is either flexed or extended. The name of this condition comes from the situation when the finger unlocks, it snaps right back to the bent position all of a sudden. This movement is quite similar to that of the trigger release on a gun. Experts agree that the cause of trigger finger is not always obvious. The symptoms may sometimes show up even if there was no injury. This condition is more common in women, and especially those women aged between 40 and 60. People who suffer from diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis are more prone to trigger finger as well.

Gamekeeper’s thumb

Gamekeeper’s thumb is a subluxation or dislocation of the thumb. It is either ulnar or the collateral ligament that got sprained in this situation. Apart from gamekeeper’s thumb, there are some other names like skier’s thumb for instance. A person who experiences this condition will have problems with the pinch grasp. It will be weak and it will cause pain. People who participate in such sports like skiing, football, baseball and bull riding are more prone to this type of injury.

People should also know that de Quervain’s Tenosynovitis is a common finger injury as well.

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