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Available methods of treatment for hemorrhoids

Even though this problem is more than uncomfortable, unpleasant and usually very painful, good thing is that there are numerous ways in which it can be treated. However, since not every method guarantees 100% success, a person should carefully consider all the options and even consult the doctor in order to make the best and the most suitable choice. In case some changes regarding the lifestyle in general do not bring the relief, there are certain medications, as well as less and more invasive procedures that the person has at disposal. When it comes to the medications, only those who experience mild discomfort due to this problem should use them, and many of them do not require prescription. On the other side, they are available in various forms, but they provide short-lasting relief.

Procedures that are not too invasive include rubber band ligation, sclerotherapy and coagulation, of which the first mentioned is practically the least invasive of them all. All it consists of is placing a tiny rubber band (or two of them) at the base of the hemorrhoid so that the circulation would be cut off, and after a week approximately, it simply withers and falls off. Sclerotherapy is based on injecting a solution directly in the tissue of the hemorrhoid in order to shrink it. Coagulation is a method done with the laser or infrared light, and the goal is to make the hemorrhoids harden and get smaller.

Surgery procedures are suggested only if less invasive procedures proved ineffective or in cases of too large hemorrhoids. A positive side of the surgery procedures done to get rid of this problem is that they are usually performed on an outpatient basis, and the patient is free to go home the very same day, or the following day. Hemorrhoidectomy and stapling are the surgeries that the patient can undergo. The first consists of removing the tissue due to which bleeding occurs, and it is definitely the most effective method of treatment of this problem. However, the risks of experiencing some complications due to this procedure are also higher than with any other procedure, and the patient needs to be aware of that. As for the other surgery procedure that can be performed, it is less painful and it consists of blocking the circulation of blood to the tissue in question. However, the risks of possible complications and also recurrence of the problem are not to be disregarded.

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