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Heart failure is nothing to be light hearted about however sometimes in some cases it can be reversed and there are several treatments out there that can elevate symptoms. If you are suffering from failure of the heart you will see a dramatic improvement if you take a number of factors into your own hands such as stop stressing out your heart and take the time to relax also by eating a diet that is healthy which means cutting back on the fat and sodium intake. Some well known self help tips are to stop smoking and this means passive smoking as well and get rid of your alcohol. There are other home remedies to follow which includes limiting your caffeine intake and it may be a possibility you need to lose weight, although you consult your doctor on this one. If you have been a couch potato then maybe it’s time to get out and take part in a little exercise when your symptoms have stabilized. It is important to have regular checks with your local GP and monitor your symptoms.

One surgery option to prevent heart failure is having a coronary artery bypass graft (CABG ) or an angioplasty, this option with help prevent a heart failure in the future by unblocking and opening the arteries. For an angioplasty procedure the doctor will use a small flexible scope called a catheter and will put in through a minute incision in the groin area or the neck and into a vessel. A balloon like object is slid through the catheter and will go into the middle of the blocked vessel and will then be inflated so a stent can be placed to be used permanently as a barrier to prevent the plaque from blocking again.

A surgical option for heart failure is having an actual Heart Transplantation, this is probably the best option for people suffering from a severe case of heart failure however unfortunately it is only an option for a few limited people mainly because the lack of donors. Another option is a LVAD which means a Left Ventricular Assist Device. They are put into the chest to amplify the heart pumping action. Doctors can also perform Heart Reconstruction. They do this because the heart over time becomes out of shape and so instead of looking like a football they begin to look like a basketball. There are different types of heart reconstruction depending on which part of the heart needs addressing.

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