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Whether brushing the teeth is enough to have and maintainhealthy teeth and gum is a relative issue. The thing that is most emphasized inpublic, when it comes to discussing which way is best to brush the teeth properly,is not to move the brush horizontally or up and down.

Up until this point,everyone should be familiar with the proper teeth-brushing technique and it isthat the direction of brushing the upper teeth should just be down, and thedirection of brushing the lower teeth should only by up.

Many people will agreethat this is practically the only basic warning that anyone ever gets fromtheir dentist. However, the fact is that there are other things to payattention to when it comes to teeth hygiene.

The importance of a clean toothbrush

The way most people clean their toothbrush after they’redone brushing their teeth is by simply washing off the toothpaste from it withnothing else but tap water.

However, it has been proven that this way ofkeeping the brush clean is just not enough. The thing is that some of thebacteria that are mostly located in the saliva remain on the toothbrush, evenafter rinsing it with water, no matter how meticulously one performs thisaction.

Another thing regarding the brush, that is quite far fromsanitary, is placing it in a cup or a holder, not to mention a drawer. Theamount of bacteria that will gather on it is unimaginably big. And while thebacteria can’t really do any great harm to the person’s health, they can indeed do harm to their teeth and gum.

The way to maintain a healthy toothbrush

Even though the toothbrush is very prone to the influence ofthese bacteria, luckily, there are ways to keep them sterile and neat. Two ofthe three most popular ways to do this include finding the right antibacterialrinse, while the third way is to use a tooth sanitizer.

For those who arelooking the most basic solution to the problem of the unsanitary toothbrush, avery basic antibacterial mouth rinse called Listerine is the answer. It is theeasiest one to find, and it is also the cheapest option.

Another mouth rinsethat is quite popular, but available only with prescription is called Peridex.Finally, there is the option of buying a tooth sanitizer for those who areparticularly sensitive about their teeth or simply want to provide them withthe best care possible. Any of these solutions will give almost perfect resultsand help protect the teeth from any kind of disease.

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