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Frequent Bowel Movement

We will talk about the frequent bowel movement, a problem which is very diverse, since almost every person experiences this problem differently. We can say that bowel movement frequency varies from person to person, since some have bowel movement two times a day, while some have it two times a week. No study has stated what the normal bowel movement number is. Some say that a person should not have more than three bowel movements during the day and less than three times during the week. If the number is less then three per week, a patient may have constipation. If the number is higher than three during one day, the stool becomes watery and this is probably a symptom of diarrhea. In some cases, a person may have a certain number of bowel movements during the day, which suddenly changes without causing any problems. This is very normal.


Next, we will focus on the causes of frequent bowel movement. The first one we will mention is the change in diet habits. If we include in our diet a lot of high fiber foods, like whole grain, vegetables or fruits, we may increase the number of bowel movement. The number of bowel movements may be increased if we increase the intake of water as well. Also an increasing exercise regime, or staring one may lead to frequent bowel movement. Some physical illnesses may contribute to the creation of problem in question and this mostly happens when stress presses on us. This is mostly common among younger people. Every one of us has seen a student locked up in the bathroom before going to an exam, but adults can also suffer from this problem. The last cause we will mention as the biggest culprit for a frequent bowel movement is diarrhea. There are several causes of diarrhea among which are food poisoning and generally consuming bad or contaminated food or water.


First, you should see if any change in the lifestyle has been made. Also, if the problem has been caused by the introduction of exercises, do not stop doing them. The problem should go away after just few days. Be sure to finish before exiting the bathroom. This may reduce the number of bowel movements. As we have said, drinking a lot of water, or increasing the amount of water intake, can lead to frequent bowel movement. But, if this happens, do not reverse anything. Regular problem of frequent bowel movement may require drinking clean water and consuming non-contaminated food. If you have abdominal pain, mucus, pus in the stool, or if you see any change, visit a doctor.

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