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In cases that you had a heart surgery, and all went well, you would probably be discharged from the hospital but before that you will receive from your doctor or surgeon some instructions on how to take care of yourself at home, during the recovery period and later.

Besides following your doctor’s instructions very carefully, here are some tips and advices how to care for yourself, your medication, activates, sleeping or how to take care for somebody else who have been at a heart surgery.

Medications and Recovery

You will be probably using some of the prescribed pain killer’s medications and some other medicaments when you come home. You should not miss the time of a day to take all of your prescribed medicaments, and follow the instructions of dosage and use very carefully. Regular taking of medications is essential for your speedy recovery and you should limit yourself only to medicaments doctor prescribed; avoid using anything else, before consulting with your doctor firstly.

Incision Care

You should always keep your wound or surgical incision dry and clean, and you should try to wash it daily, with water and mild soap only. You should never apply any lotion or skin care cosmetic cream until the scrub has come off completely. If you feel itchy or numb in the area around incision, do not worry, it is quite normal.

In case that you have incision on your leg too, you should care for it the same way as for main incision on your chest. Just remember to avoid standing up for prolonged periods of time or crossing your legs. In case of swelling you may be prescribed to wear elastic stocking.

How to Sleep After Heart Surgery

In some cases patients experienced trouble with sleeping position, which lead to insomnia. In the first few days after coming home this is normal, because of anesthesia and painful surgical incision. In those cases, you should take your pain medication and try to find a comfortable pillow, and also a support for your leg, if you have incision there, too.

Activities after the Heart surgery

Six to eight weeks after the heart surgery any of your physical activities should be restricted, according to your doctor’s instructions. After that period of time, you should engage in the activities slowly and gradually, and also ask you doctor for recommendation of some type of exercises.

Family Member Care after Heart Surgery

In cases that some of your family members have a heart surgery, you should listen and carefully follow all of the instructions from his or hers doctor regarding, type and time fro medications, care, activities etc. you should offer help and support in any of these areas, in time of recovery and later, including diet and exercises.

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