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Constipation is a very common digestive tract disorder. Symptoms of constipation may be hard stool, strain or pain during bowel movement or infrequent bowel movements. Although is nearly impossible to establish what is normal bowel movement frequency, constipation rarely lasts more than a few days, eventually one week.

You can try to relieve your symptoms of constipation with some ordinary laxatives, or try to change your daily diet or do some exercises.

In case that do not help you should probably try to visit specialist of digestive disorders, called gastroenterologist. In order for you to prepare for his visit, which can be very short, it would be a good idea to make some preparations, such as;

Try to have an answer to any question your doctor may ask you. Some of these questions may be:

family history of similar disordersWhen did your symptoms first begin?Are your symptoms occasional or continuous?What kinds of test would I need to do?What is best for me to do now?Is there any literature, like brochures, about my problem?What are alternatives to this approach or to regular medicaments?


Here are also some tips for you, before you choose to visit a specialist;

if possible, take a friend or member of family with you, maybe he or she can help you remember all of doctor’s adviceswrite down your questions for your doctorwrite a list of all supplements, vitamins, old medications and herbal supplements that you are taking now

Treatments in cases of constipation are usually about changing your diet or your lifestyle. Regular exercises and high fiber diet should relieve your symptoms in a matter of days. Also you should take time for bowel movement, do not hurry yourself and drink plenty of liquids.

There are also some medicaments, called laxatives that you can try. Some of them are Correctol, Senokot or Dulcolax.

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