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There are a lot of people all over the world who suffer from arthritis. There are not that many people who do not know that this is a disorder where joints are inflamed. Due to the fact that joints are important because they allow the movement of the body parts that they connect, it is quite troublesome when they provide pain or do not function properly. According to the doctors, arthritis is considered to be a rheumatic disease. All rheumatic diseases are known to attack the joints, muscles, ligaments, cartilage and tendons. Apart from that, there is a chance of affecting the internal body areas as well. People should know that at this moment there are over one hundred forms of arthritis described. Some of the forms are related to wear and tear of the cartilage while other forms are related to an inflammation that occurred due to an overactive immune system. According to the data, several forms of arthritis are on the list of the most common chronic ailments in the United States. When arthritis is considered, every person can suffer from it. Experts claim that over 350 million people all over the world suffer from it. 40 million suffers from it in the United States alone and 250,000 of that number are children. Women are more affected by it and the data says that 60% of all people suffering from the condition in the United States are women.


At this moment, the best way a person can prevent suffering from arthritis is by avoiding joint injuries. Apart from that, getting an early diagnosis and treatment is also very important. A person who achieves that will not suffer from a lot of damage, deformity, disability or even mortality in rheumatoid disease. Early diagnosis is important for the treatment as well because then the treatment will be more effective and even easier to apply. Apart from this, doctors advise people that it is very important to maintain good health and strength. The best way a person can achieve that goal is by exercising and following a proper diet plan with all the important nutrients. If the joints are stronger, there is less chance of damaging them so easily.


People should know that at this moment the scientists are looking for optimal treatment programs that are designed for each of the many arthritis forms. In the future there will be medications that will prevent deterioration of the cartilage. Apart from these, many other treatments are being designed.

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