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Gastric bypass surgery is a surgical procedure applied in morbidly obese people. Its goal is reduction in the size of the stomach. This way the person simply cannot consume large amounts of food. The intake of food is drastically reduced and a person subsequently loses weight. People who have undergone gastric bypass feel satiated after eating rather small portions of food. The surgery is highly effective. Still, as in any other surgery there are also certain risks and complications. This is why prior deciding to undergo gastric bypass surgery one must be familiar with all advantages as well as disadvantages of the procedure.

Pros of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Definitely the most important advantage of gastric bypass surgery is effective loss of weight and prevention of further weight gain. This is a highly successful surgery when it comes to weight reduction and maintaining of the desirable weight. As we all know obesity carries significant risk of many illnesses. This is why gastric bypass surgery reduces risk of such medical conditions. For example, elevated blood pressure is a common illness associated with obesity. Gastric bypass surgery may be very effective and bring the level of blood pressure under control. Some patients even stop taking antihypertensives. One more benefit from gastric bypass surgery is reduction in level of blood cholesterol. This way a person also reduces risk of heart disease and resulting heart attack. The operation is also good for both, patients suffering from type 2 diabetes and those with borderline diabetes. Their blood sugar levels can be brought under control. Even certain respiratory conditions such as asthma may start to reoccur less frequently after the operation. And finally, problems related to sleep apnea and acid reflux are also eliminated.

Cons of Gastric Bypass Surgery

This surgery carries several risks. It in general affects metabolic activities in the body and this is why all the operated patients must stick to prescribed regimes and doctor's advice.

Some of the potential disadvantages of gastric bypass surgery are the occurrence of constipation or even bowel obstruction, obstruction in the stomach outlet, chronic nutritional problems and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The patients may experience hair loss and loss of muscle mass. There is also a possibility of formation of gallstones and incision hernia.

Some of the potential complications can be prevented by proper intake of food, sufficient chewing and intake of vitamin and mineral supplements. Once the patients relax and stop following doctor's orders they put themselves at higher risk of developing some of the potential complications.

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