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Esophageal cancer is an aggressive malignant tumor affecting the hollow tube called the esophagus, an organ important for transfer of food from the oral cavity into the stomach. The development of esophageal cancer is associated with several identified risk factors. The tumor, for instance, affects more men than women, it is frequently reported in people who smoke, consume alcohol in large amounts and eat salted and smoked foods more than recommended.

Obesity is one more risk factor for development of esophageal cancer. So, people who are obese and lose weight may decrease the chance to eventually end up with esophageal cancer. Similarly, healthy lifestyle and certain changes such as smoking and alcohol drinking cessation and elimination of slated and smoked food from one's diet may be extremely good for the entire body and also reduce the risk for this malignant disease.

Weight Loss and Prevention of Esophageal Cancer

Obesity is known to be associated with many medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease etc. It is also a major contributor to gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). GERD, especially if not treated properly and if it lasts for a long period of time, leads to chronic irritation of the lower portion of the esophagus. The affected mucous membrane may alter and one may end up with a Barrett's esophagus, a premalignant condition.

Barrett's esophagus may at any time progress into invasive esophageal cancer. Not all people suffering from GERD will develop Barrett's esophagus. However, once Barrett's esophagus occurs, the chance to develop esophageal cancer is extremely high.

Because of all the mentioned it is clear that people who wish to prevent esophageal cancer are supposed to maintain healthy weight. Also, if GERD develops at any time, the condition must be treated adequately.

More about Esophageal Cancer and Obesity

It is a well known fact that people who are obese tend not to consume sufficient amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables. The intake of fruits and vegetables is of major importance for prevention of many different diseases because all of them are rich in different vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

So by being obese and not eating enough fruits and vegetables one is increasing the risk of esophageal cancer even more.

Finally, it is confirmed that chronic intake of alcohol is a reason why some people develop esophageal cancer. Alcohol intake is associated with obesity and it directly irritates the lining of the stomach and esophagus, allowing stomach acid to regurgitate and cause even more damage to the esophagus. So apart from losing weight, eating more fruits and vegetables people should get rid of all unhealthy habits they frequently indulge in and this way bring prevention of esophageal cancer to a hole new level.

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