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Information on Probiotics

Probiotics are a certain type of bacteria which are verybeneficial because they repopulate all the healthy types of bacteria in thelarge intestine. The repopulation is commonly needed because of a poor diet,the use of antibiotics or when the large intestine gets damaged because ofcertain types of illnesses. Probiotics only provide a temporary effect whichlasts for as long as the actual supplements are taken. Probiotics may behelpful in treating colic in toddlers, preventing eczema in children andpreventing and treating colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and all other typesof gastrointestinal diseases which may affect persons of all ages.

Health Benefits of Probiotics

There is a large number of newborn babies who suffer fromcolic and because of that they tend to cry for prolonged periods of time. Inmost cases it seems that they cry for no identifiable cause, but the truthcould not be further from that. Certain types of probiotics are very efficientin alleviating the symptoms of colic in newvorns and also lowering their cryingtime. Sometimes they may be substituted by a certain type of medication calledsimethicone, but several scientific studies have shown that this medication isnot that efficient as the probiotics. Eczema is a chronic skin related medicalcondition which may affect both adults and children, but in most cases itaffects the children at a very young age. It is also sometimes referred to asatopic dermatitis. Certain scientific studies involved giving probiotics toboth children under four years of age and to pregnant women as well. The studyhas shown that probiotics are very efficient in reducing the risk ofdevelopment of eczema.

Adult persons who suffer from ulcerative colitis may alsobenefit greatly from using probiotics. Ulcerative colitis is a medicalcondition which can be characterized by a sore and inflamed large intestinewhich may also involve bleeding in some cases. Certain scientific studies haveshown that probiotics may be of great help when it comes to alleviating thesymptoms of this annoying medical condition. Another gastrointestinal ailmentwhich can be treated or alleviated with probiotics is known by the name ofinflammatory bowel disease. This ailment occurs due to numerous different typesof pathogenic bacteria, but probiotics still may be helpful to a certainextent. Probiotics are related to theimmune system as well, although the connection is rather complex. They providethe entire body with a an improved feeling of well being.

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