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Circumcision is a surgical procedure of removing the excess of foreskin from a penis. This way the head of a penis is revealed and stays bare. This procedure is quite common in some cultures. For example the Jewish law obligates the followers to undergo the procedure and it is supported by the followers of Islam. In the United States of America 50% of infants are circumcised. Nowadays the parents are those who make the final decision if the baby is going to be circumcised. In case they decide to do it the surgery is generally done in the hospital before the discharge. Still this operation can be also conducted at any age. The reasons for circumcision may be medical or even just a person's preference.

Those who are for the circumcision are the cultural followers and they are not willing to differ from their peers. On the other hand some people think that this way they would be protected from certain diseases. They are quite right since there is proof that babies who have been circumcised have had less urinary tract infections within the first five years. In addition, this operation leads to better prevention from cancer of the penis as well as sexually transmitted diseases. This happens because the head of the penis is not covered with the skin hence the filth cannot accumulate and generally the hygiene is easily maintained.

People who are against circumcision feel that babies should not be exposed to the stress of the operation. They are convinced that if one follows the proper hygiene actions the chance of getting infected or the chance of developing the cancer of the penis will be reduced.

Nowadays the operation is conducted under local anesthesia. Local anesthetics are either applied in a form of cream or injected. The foreskin of the penis is then cut. There are no stitches for babies only for adult men but not in all cases. In babies a plastic ring is placed to prevent hemorrhage and accelerate the healing. Given the fact that the surgical procedure really is not so extensive and that a wound heals rather fast postoperative painkillers are not regularly prescribed. Older men may be given anxiolytics (medications which suppress anxiety) before the procedure. They are supposed to abstain from sexual activities until the incision has healed entirely.

There are almost no risks and complications regarding the surgery. There is a possibility for older men to be dissatisfied with the new look of their penises. And it will take some time for them to adapt to increased sensations due to the removal of the foreskin.

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