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Brussels sprouts are especially rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acids and fiber. They are thought to be one of the main defenses against some types of cancer, especially the colon cancer and are very good for our immune system. Our body can only benefit from the consumption of this plant. Some of the recent studies have shown that some of the processes of detoxicating bodies can be enhanced by regularly consuming brussels sprouts. Vitamin C is the most valuable antioxidant that can be dissolved in water, and is found in great amounts in brussels sprouts. Although this vitamin is known to battle a very large number of diseases, it is also very good for feeding our cartilages, renewal of our skin and connective tissues, and for maintaining our immune system level. It also helps with preventing digestional issues, and some of more serious illnesses like colon cancer or diverticulosis. The high amounts of fiber in sprouts, is the reason why people who eat them regularly do not have digestive problems, and are more protected from colon cancer. It is known that chewing or chopping brussels sprouts, produces an enzyme that help big-time in fighting different types of cancer, such as breast cancer and colon cancer. Brussels sprouts can help with a lot of health issues, because they contain very high levels of folic acid. They can be a big help in developing neural tubes in newborns, and can also be protective against some types of arthritis. Regular consumption of brussels sprouts can sometime cause flatulence, and the reason is a very high level of carbohydrates. But this problem can be resolved with some kombu algae.

Brussels sprouts are not known for causing any allergic reactions whatsoever.

There are several ways of cooking the brussels sprout which include roasting, boiling and steaming, and the cooking time in general should not exceed 10 minutes. Firstly, the brussels sprouts should be soaked in water for at least 10 minutes, to get rid of any insects or dirt. Afterwards one must rinse them under a flowing stream of water to get rid of any additional dirt. Afterwards, depending on the way one wants them to be prepared, some seasonings can be added, whether directly on the brussels sprout or into the water in which it will bee cooked. It is important that similar sizes of brussels sprout are picked for cooking because, if not similar in size, some will get overcooked, whilst others will be undercooked.

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