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Headaches are a very common problem. They occur for number of reasons and it is not comfortable when you suffer from this pain. Changing your lifestyle from passive to active, by having a job for instance, can sometimes lead to a headache. In order to find a suitable treatment, we will discuss solutions in the following text. As mentioned, pain can be felt after a tiring and exhausting day at work. In the Mayo clinic, this is considered an exertional headache. This headache gives you a feeling of drums playing in your head but it is quite benign since it doesn\'t suggest any serious medical condition. This pain is usually present after a serious exercise and strains in general. Pain can be experienced for two hours, but it can also disappear after a few minutes.

Indomethacin is a medication which can reduce this throbbing pain. The Mayo clinic states that taking this medication before exercises and extreme activities may prevent the pain from emerging. Except for this anti-inflammatory medication, people experiencing this pain can try Propranolol. Medical consultation is highly advised when any pain is felt, including headaches. Seek medical advice before the use of this pressure medication. Propranolol needs to be consumed before the activity. But in some cases this pain can enhance. In these situations, a MRI is needed. Vomiting and nausea can be the result of a serious condition but also a mild one. By undergoing a magnetic resonance imaging, you will diagnose the problem easily. This pain can be relentless. However, sometimes only resting, hot bath, shower, or even lying down in quiet for some time can decrease the pain.

In situations when such efforts don\'t give results, you can always try some medication. The most widely used are Nalfon, Flaxen, Ibuprofen and Aleve. Another view on the matter of exceptional headaches was given by a professor of neurology. Based in Rochester in Minnesota, Dr. Bahram Mokri, gave an answer in leak of cerebrospinal fluid. These spontaneous leaks can be blocked by taking analgesics or non-steroidals, and even by drinking coffee. This treatment gave very positive results. But in some extreme cases, the pain can be reduced by an epidural blood patch. However, this is a very serious procedure and it is advised only if the pain is acute. If it\'s not giving considerable discomfort, you may avoid this procedure. If the pain is extreme, this treatment can be helpful. If not, fibrin glue and epidural infusions are the next step.

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