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Hair transplantation side effects

Like with every other surgery there is a chance of post-operative side effects. Such is the case with hair transplantation as well.

Hair fall

The operation like this one will be a big shock for the scalp and because of that the hair will fall off more quickly after it. The scalp enters a resting stage called the Telogen stage and that is what leads to the falling off of the hair. However, a person need not worry because this is quite normal and not all of the hair will fall off, only those hairs which are weak in the root. A surgeon will prescribe certain medications if a person asks him or her to.


It is not that uncommon that the bleeding occurs after a surgery like this one. However, in most cases it is only a minor bleeding and there is no need to worry. In some cases the bleeding does not stop straight away and because of that the surgeon will need to stop it.

Swelling is a thing that almost every person who has gone through a procedure like this one experiences. It is usually the area around the eyes and the forehead that swells up. The swelling goes away in a couple of days in most cases. This is not a problem and the worse thing that can happen to a person is that it lasts for four days and the person ends up with a black eye. The reason why the swelling occurs is the localized skin trauma. The upper part of the face will get inflamed but that is normal and the inflammation is a part of the process of healing. In order for the injuries to heal the swelling needs to occur. Scabs

Scabs are a defense of the skin which fight off the bacteria and infections and they play a part in the healing process. When the skin is injured it becomes tender so the scab forms over the wound to shield it. When the skin has regenerated in ten days or so the scabs will fall off. It is important not to scratch them. Numbness
Numbness sensation happens to all patients who go through a hair transplantation surgery. It will last for several weeks. Reduced circulation is what causes numbness. A person need not worry since it is not permanent.

Apart from these side effects a person may experience scarring and hiccups as well but they do not occur that often. People who exercise on a regular basis should stop doing so for at least two weeks after the surgery.

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