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When you walk into a health shop or really any shop these days you can find the aisle that has the vitamins. There will usually be a full array of options of pills for nearly every concern a person may have. However, this can cause a problem with confusion due to the large choice that is put on you. One confusion that can come about is a choice of whether to have a straight forward pill or a liquid pill.

Why take Multi Vitamins

The unfortunate fact is that the majority of people will eat fast food and have a poor nutrition. Due to this fact, people have been recommended to supplement their diet to assist with their health and to avoid the onset of diseases and vitamin deficiencies. If a person has a deficiency of vitamins they may get diseases like scurvy, anemia, a frequent cold and a variety of skin conditions.

Benefits of the Liquid Multivitamins

Some people simply prefer taking the liquid form because of its easiness to take. Swallowing a pill can be somewhat challenging to some. Other people prefer taking the liquid multi vitamin because the pill form can more often than not leave a person with a horrid after taste. One of the most important reasons for taking a liquid multi vitamin instead of the multi vitamin in a pill form is because of the absorption percent. The pill form multi vitamin only allows a person to absorb around ten to twenty percent of the minerals and vitamins whereas the liquid multi vitamin allows a person to absorb up to ninety eight percent of all supplements. Why are Liquid Multi Vitamins the Better Choice to Take

The answer to this is simple. The multi vitamin that is in the form of a pill has to undertake the process of digestion whereas the liquid multi vitamin gets to bypass this stage somewhat. With the pill form, the acid found in one’s stomach erodes the outside of the pill thus making it difficult for the body to then recover the vitamins and the minerals. The liquid form, however, is directly absorbed into the person’s blood stream. The taste plays a huge role in the decision process as well, especially, for children. Another good point is that the pill form of the multi vitamin has binders, fillers, additives and bases where as the liquid form of multi vitamins does not contain such things.

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