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Guide to laser eye surgery

Laser Eye Surgery

Taking into consideration that these types of surgeries are still not that widely available, many people have many doubts regarding them. Namely, they are not introduced to the principles behind them, have no idea how these laser devices work or cannot make connections between lasers and eyesight in the first place. For all these reasons, and plenty more, the following lines will give their best to explain several things about laser eye surgeries, cast some light on the mysteries behind it and provide people with useful, additional information regarding the topic.

Facts about Laser Eye Surgery

First of all, there are two different laser eye surgeries. The first one is called LASIK eye surgery while the second one is named PRK eye surgery. They differ in the methods used for treating eye problems. LASIK surgery creates a flap in the stomal layer and folds it back while PRK eye surgery scrapes away the outer layer of the protective surface our eye has, only to expose the problematic stroma and evaporate it.

Regardless of which laser eye surgery you are opting for, you need to be aware that this is not an easy step and that there are always risks involved. However, laser eye surgery also has many different benefits and, once successful, can provide numerous improvements to one's eye health and sight.

Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgeries correct one's eye problems and, thereby cause no need for wearing spectacles or contact lenses. In fact, contact lenses are known to cause numerous infections and many other problems and complications. There are other benefits as well, especially if you had been wearing glasses or contact lenses beforehand. Each time you wake up you will see perfectly, without searching for your glasses or having to experience the troublesome procedure of placing contact lenses. Also, since there are no additional items needed to provide you with a perfect eyesight, you will not have to worry about dropping your glasses or losing your contacts anymore. All in all, laser eye surgery is a much more comfortable, practical and long-lasting eyesight correction method. However, if you choose this option you will need to save money in advance, since this is quite a costly procedure, worth every dollar once you experience all the benefits it provides.

Can You Have the Surgery?

In order to have a laser eye surgery, you need to be older than 21, even though there are specific clinics which do not have this rule. Also, this surgery is not an option for pregnant women. The very probability of possible success of your eye surgery, depending on the problems you are experiencing will play a great role in passing the desired criteria. Finally, people who participate in dangerous sports like martial arts professionally, are usually not allowed to have this operation too.

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