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Many people in the world suffer with some form of sight issue whether it is near sightedness, far sightedness or an astigmatism which is a curved cornea which results in unclear vision and again many people have to wear glasses or contact lenses to help with the correction of these issues. In recent times, Lasik eye surgery came about, it is an easy and an effective way to take care of those problems leaving most people without ever having to put on a pair of glasses again.

What is Lasik Eye Surgery

This procedure has been performed since the year 1990. Approximately twenty million people have gone through with the procedure worldwide. It is calculated that every year around one million Americans have Lasik eye surgery. It is an outpatient practice as it simply involves an ophthalmologist to use a laser to remodel the cornea. For those of you who are not sure, the cornea is the see-through tissue that goes over the colored part of your eye called the iris, and the dark spot in the middle called the pupil. After the procedure the majority of patients will have a 20/20 or a 20/40 vision without the aid of glasses or their contacts.

Lasik Candidates

Unfortunately Lasik eye surgery is not for everyone. You must be over the age of eighteen because up until then your eyes are going through continuous changes in their development. As with any procedure you must be in good health. You need to have stayed with a constant vision prescription for a minimum of a year prior to the Lasik eye surgery. You cannot have the procedure if you have an eye disease or if your cornea is thin. Lastly, you will need to be able to take a few days off of work following the procedure.

Lasik Eye Surgery Benefits and Side Effects

It is suggested that around fifty five point three percent of people who have Lasik performed will walk away with 20/20 vision. Ninety two point six percent of people have 20/40 vision afterwards and still will not need to assistance of glasses or contacts after the procedure. Research also suggests that over ninety five percent of people that have the procedure are satisfied with their results. As with any surgical procedure there are always some possible side effects such as blurry vision, difficulties with night vision, dryness, scratchiness and glare and starburst shapes around light.

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