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The surgery used to correct nearsightedness, or myopia, has become very popular, since it has become increasingly safe and more predictable.

This surgery has enabled many people to throw away their glasses and contact lenses and has improved the vision of many people who are now able to perform all normal tasks without having to worry about their eyesight any longer.

It is especially beneficial for the people who are heavily involved in sports and have eyesight problems.

LASIK surgery

The easiest and most effective surgery is called LASIK (Laser Assisted In situ Karatomileusis).

It can be used for people who have myopia that is under 10 diopters, which is 90 percent of all myopia cases.

What the surgery does is it modifies the cornea’s refractive power and allows rays of light to get into focus on the retina.

The cornea has three layers, and the LASIK will modify the stroma layer’s curvature and reshape the cornea into its proper form.

Most people who have troubles with myopia stand to benefit from this surgery, especially those who are uncomfortable wearing glasses or contact lenses. However, people who are over the age of 40 need to talk seriously with an eye doctor before the surgery, since they might not be completely satisfied with the outcome because of their presyopia.

It is also an extremely safe procedure when performed by an expert surgeon. There are things that have to be taken into consideration, however. The myopia must be under 10 diopters, as mentioned previously, and there must not be any glaucoma present or queratoconus. Also the cornea must be thick enough for the surgery. It is also not recommended for women who are pregnant.

There is also no special preparation needed before the surgery. First, the eye doctor will check the person out to make sure that he or she is a candidate.

The best part of the surgery is that it is not painful, because there will be topical anesthesia given in the form of eyedrops usually. There are no injections required that way.

The patient will be awake the entire time and there will be no pain whatsoever. Even better than that, the whole procedure only takes about five minutes to complete.

And once it is finished, the patient can go home immediately, so a hospital stay is not needed.

After surgery it is important not to touch or squeeze the eye for five days. There will be no bandages, but there will be some discomfort, which will feel similar to when a person has an eyelash stuck in their eye.

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