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Dogs and Humans

We will talk about a living being that can make the visits to the doctor'soffice rare, eliminate the blues, reduce stress and generally make your lifebetter and healthier. Dog is a solution which can improve the quality of yourlife in nine ways.

Health Benefits

The first benefit of a dog in you your house is improved heart condition.People who have dogs have lower triglycerides, cholesterol and blood pressure thanthose who do not have these animals. The chances of developing cardiovasculardisease will also be decreased. A next benefit is associated with therecuperation after illnesses because it will be reduced. Contact with therapy animalor dog will decrease the time needed for recuperation, and this is mostlyvisible among seniors who are located in hospitals. Dog owners will also reduce the risks of death due to heart diseases. There was a study which stated thatdog, regardless of the presence of friends and family, has a great influence onthe survival and it is one of the best predictors of the survival. Patients whohad heart attack will live longer if they have a dog. Close friend and spousewill not have the same effect on you after the heart attack and the only one who can help you live longer is a dog.

There is a data which says that peoplewho had a heart attack and have a dog have higher chances of surviving thefirst year following the heart attack than those who do not own a dog. Dogs willalso reduce stress since you will spend a lot of time petting and sitting withthe animal, which will decrease stress and heart rate. Also, due to thewalking, you will get good exercise and seniors will benefit from this themost. Dogs will help you when you are sad since almost every person who has adog talks to the favorite animal. This will particularly aid those seniors who are insocial isolation. Also, some studies say that the visits to the doctor's officewill be reduced from 10 to 20% if having a dog. Health and well-being will beimproved significantly. Fewer problems with headaches, sleeping,indigestion and other health issues will be experienced. Youwill practically save your life by getting a dog and do not overlook senior dogs over theyounger ones and puppies because they will be great friends as well. They are bettercompanions because they are already trained and housebroken. There are sheltersin which seniors can get a senior dog that will help them in so many ways. Get a Freckles,Spot or Rover and get a new perspective on your life.

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