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There is no cure for breast cancer. This year the diagnosis will be set for more than 1.5 million people. Breast cancer is the most common cancer that affects women worldwide. More than 1.7 million dollars are spent on researches in hope that the most effective cure will be found. Until the miracle drug is found women will still have to go through standard procedures which include surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and radiation.Nowadays researchers are involved in investigating gene therapy as one option. Even stem cells are taken into consideration in curing this horrible disease.

We are thought not to fight our genes. Told that we cannot change what \"mother nature\" has given to us. What we need to know is that most inherited cases of breast cancer are connected to two genes BRCA1 and BRCA2. A recent scientific breakthrough has confirm that if gene named beta1-integrin is blocked the tumor cells can be stopped. This way in some period of future the genes we are given will be possible to be manipulated in order for cancer to be cured.

Some programs and researches regarding genes and stem cell have already begun. It is the question of time if there will be any shift in nearest future. Most of the researches are still quite controversial and not approved. But, it makes since for new cure to be looked for in different areas than usual. Normally this all has to be within limits of ethically accepted and approved by relevant people. Until a perfect cure is found science has to make an effort to improve already established procedures for treating breast cancer.

Chemotherapeutics might be combined in order to create new protocols, regimes of radiotherapy can be modified. And in all cases surgery has to be the leading one since the removal of the lump is essential from the start. It is clear that women have to endure a lot during the treatment and that their life span is not as short as it used to be earlier. Hopefully step by step and eventually a new approach will pop out. It is only the matter of time. No drug or approach has been found out of the blue. It takes time to be examined, evaluated, implemented and then followed for the side affects. This is why the new treatments are taking so long. There is only hope for both the sick ones as well as the healthy ones that one day, the sooner the better, the definite cure will be found.

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