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Sometimes terrible things can happen. You can be healthy one month and the next, your tests can show that your blood cells are not in normal levels. Then you have to give a tissue sample and go home and wait, until finally, when they call, they tell you that you have a cancer. But the trick is that you couldn't develop cancer in one month. He has been with you for more than a year. This is what usually happens when a doctor makes misdiagnose. Especially because the cancer may have been detected in the early stages, and this could cause less future problems.


Misdiagnosis may happen for many reasons, and some of them are tumors that have been detected as benign, failure in seeing patient's problems, improperly read specimens, misclassified malignant tumor, and missing follow up if a doctor suspects the cancer.

What about the mammograms and ultrasounds? How reliable are these machines? We know that breast cancer is the cancer that women suffer the most. Every tenth cancer among women is breast cancer, but sometimes errors do happen and your doctor can confuse cancer with something benign. This is when problems occur and the consequences may be great.

Unfortunately, even with the increased breast cancer awareness and the campaigns lead across the world, these problems with diagnosing breast cancer still happen. Problem is greater among younger women, since their breast cancer develops very quickly. Mammogram is the best solution of diagnosing breast cancer today, but magnetic resonance, ductoraphy and ultrasound are also very reliable. However, mammograms can make mistakes. In fact mammogram is correct in 90% of cases, because of the dense tissue that surrounds the cancer. When mammogram does not pick up the palpable masses or mass needs to be evaluated, patient then goes to the ultrasound. Bloody discharge from the nipple is usually evaluated by the use of ductogram, while MRI is used for the cases that are questionable.

When the cancer is misdiagnosed, one of the most terrible things a person can experience happens. When this occurs, try to confirm every single test you have done. Seek second opinion, so you can be sure of the results. Also be prepared to be frustrated and pay more, since this is something which awaits women with misdiagnosed breast cancer. Death can occur if positive cancer is not diagnosed. When cancer is detected in the later stages, treatment will have to be more effective and stronger, which implies stronger radiation and more chemotherapy. As we have said, treatment will be more frustrating and expensive.

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