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Myeloma Cancer

During the several past decades, the survival rate associated with thiscondition has improved and we can attribute this to the development of medicaltechnology and cancer treatments. In the following text, we will talk about therates of survival for myeloma cancer. Other name for this problem is multiplemyeloma and it is connected with the abnormal plasma cells growth.This will create problems with the blood cells. For this type of cancer,survival rates are very low. Myeloma cancer is one of the rarest cancers found and this type of cancer usually affects people over 60 years of age.

Survival Rate

This cancer takes approximately 11 000 lives in America every day. Thefive year survival rate is in the region of 33%, which means that this conditionis lethal for two out of three patients during the first five years upon thedetection of the problem. When we talk about statistics connected with the survivalrate for myeloma cancer, they are mostly associated to the period of the firstfive years. Also, the life expectancy is increased with an early detection, meaning that, if the problem is detected earlier, the patients will live longer. Whenproblem is detected in the third stage, patient will live around 29 months. Ifthe problem is detected in the second stage, patient will life for 44 months,and if detected during the first stage, patient will live for 62 months.When we talk about statistics, 31% of African American women survive the firstfive years, while this number is 37% for African American males. Caucasianwomen have 29% chances to survive the first five years, while Caucasian menhave 36%.

Factors Affecting the Survival Rate

This problem is hereditary, which makes the check up in the doctor office, forthose who had this problem in the family, a necessity. In this way, the problemcan be detected early and the patient will live longer. The survival ratesdepend on many factors, as we have seen. They depend on the stage of the problemupon detection, sex, race and other. Also, the mental health and physicalcondition will affect the survival rate as well.

Treatments used, experiencingsymptoms and medical history of the patient who suffers myeloma cancer willalso affect the survival rate. Treatments like bone marrow transplantation, radiationtherapy and chemotherapy are some of the available treatments. The most commonsymptoms of myeloma cancer are digestive troubles, strange bleeding andbruising, infection, and fatigue.This text or any study cannot predict the life expectancy or survival rate ofthe individual, since the studies conducted have been done on a large group ofpeople. All cases are different, and they cannot be generalized.

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