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Oral Surgery and Soft Diet

For those who just had a surgery, a soft diet is definitely recommended. It consists of foods that are soft in texture and can be mashed, mixed with sauce, pureed etc. Soft diet is also convenient for patients who have problems chewing hard food or patients who just had a gastritis bypass. Soft diet foods are easy to swallow and chew.

After an oral surgery or a tooth extraction, for example, your mouth will be sensitive to any hard food. You need to be careful so as not to hurt any of the oral wounds and let them heal properly. You might find it difficult and painful to chew hard food. Right after the surgery you will have to be on a liquid diet, meaning that you won`t be able to eat anything. As the healing of the wound progresses, you will be able to eat semi-solid and mashed foods. But, it always depends on a patient and the seriousness of the situation. You should be advised by your doctor about the appropriate soft diet.

Foods you Can Eat after Oral Surgery

There is a list of foods that you are allowed to eat after you had an oral surgery and they include drinks, juices and soft, non-spicy food. You are allowed to drink herbal tea, vegetable juice, fruit juice, tea, coffee, fruit smoothies, milkshakes, creamy soups and broth. Remember that straws are not good for the healing process of your oral wounds, so they are not recommended. French toast without crust, soft bread without crust, pancakes, grits, as well as pasta, macaroni, cream or meat and oatmeal are good for you if you are on a soft diet. Tender cooked and broiled meet such as ground meat, cooked salmon without bones, cooked tuna without bones, tender cooked liver, beef, veal and lamb, and broiled or stewed chicken or turkey are foods you are allowed to eat after an oral surgery.

You can also eat mayonnaise, tofu, butter, cream cheese, milk, and scrambled eggs. You are only allowed to eat fruit that has no skin and seeds since the seeds can damage the wounds inside your mouth or they can get stuck inside your tooth socket. Also, pay attention to acidic fruits such as oranges, grapefruit and pineapple, because they can harm your wounds. You can eat ripe banana, apple sauce and pureed berries. If you are feeling like having a dessert, then you can have plain brownies, soft cake, plain melted chocolate, pudding, homemade trifle, honey, fruit mousse, sorbet or ice cream.

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