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Gastric Bypass Complications

In this text we, will talk about the gastric bypass and the complications that can arise not only 30 days after the surgery, but in the following six months. We will also look at the costs of this surgery that can change life to those who are having serious problems with their weight. But, although this surgery can produce amazing and life-turning result, it can lead to some side effects and complications that we cannot disregard. As we have mentioned, the period of 30 days after the surgery will not be the time span we will talk about, like many of the studies before, but we will see what can happen during the six months after the surgery. A study we will be focusing on has stated that complications arise in 0.2% of chances of all gastric bypass surgeries. The most common complications are pneumonia (4% of chances), infections (6% of chances), abdominal hernias (7% of chances), anastomosis problems (12% of chances) and dumping syndrome (20% of chances). This study also says that if you do not experience any problems in the initial 30 days, there are 95% chances you will never experience any complications or problems. Only 5% of the patients had to visit a hospital again during the first months of the recovery, while this number is a bit higher, 7% of chances, during the six-month period. Also, we have to see what the charges associated with this procedure are. The cost of this surgery will rise if complications are experienced. From the initial 25 000 $, the costs may rise to 36 000 %, depending on the complications. The cost will reach the 65 000 $ if re-admittance to the hospital is needed. Since this surgery requires great amount of time for the appearance of results, the complications may appear also during this long period. So, if you are considering undergoing this surgery, inform yourself about all the possible complications in order to make a good decision.

Information about the Health Risks

There are chances a patient may die after the surgery, but since the medicine has advanced in the last years, the number of these cases is extremely low. Surgeon's experience, bariatric procedure complexity and the patient's physical condition are the factors that affect the results of the gastric bypass surgery. Laparoscopic gastric bypass should be done by an experienced professional, since it is a difficult one to be done and the complications can easily be experienced if an unskilled professional performs it. Also, this type of procedure involves less pain and smaller incisions. Almost 90% of the patients who underwent this surgery avoided premature death, while only 3% of the patients died prematurely in the following 13 years after the surgery. Abdominal hernia is the most common complication, while gallstones is a problem that every third patient experiences. Complications that are more serious are present in less than 1%, while dehiscence, infection and similar problems appear in 10 % of cases. Usually, the second surgery is done in order to repair the complications and errors.

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