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Gastric Bypass Surgery

Weight loss can be achieved via certain surgeries and one ofthe most popular is the gastric bypass, mostly due to the low risks and complications and safety. If behavioral changes and appetite control areconducted, the weight loss will be long-term, but there are some risks and sideeffects that can occur due to this surgery and every patient needs to befamiliar with them. Know that you will have to be prepared to make certainchanges in your life and they will have to be long-term changes.Hair loss, hair thinning, tiredness, dry skin, mood changes and body aches maybe felt after the surgery and they are caused by the fast weight reduction.There are more serious complications, such as vitamin deficiency andmalnutrition, which will require monitoring. The body mass index over the 50will make you opt for this kind of surgery. The weight loss can be achieved bythe use of certain traditional obesity control measures, but they will notprovide the long-term effects like the gastric bypass surgery. Also, this kindof weight reduction will not work for most people who find the traditionalmethods too demanding. Great additional strategy is the change of thesurrounding influences on the behavior of a person and this will be moreaffordable. The surgery we are talking about, but othersurgeries with the same effect as well, are the most popular because of thefast results and the fact they are not too demanding. Medical tourism has become popular due to therise of medical costs, and gastric bypass surgery is a surgery that can bedone in other countries at a much lower price.


High quality service at a cheap price can be received in Argentina. Ifyou undergo a gastric bypass surgery in Argentina, you will pay 70% less than inAmerica. In Argentina, you will be operated by the most accredited andexperienced doctors so you do not have to be afraid of getting a low qualityservice because medical tourism takes care of this issue. In the UnitedStates, you will have to pay 25000$ for the gastric bypass surgery with the useof laparoscopy, while in Argentina you will pay 12000$. The laparoscopictechnique, which reduces the recovery and hospital stay, is used in Argentinaalso. Know that India, Thailand, Costa Rica and Mexico are places where thissurgery can be done at affordable prices as well.

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