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Fever blisters are also known as cold sores. There are a lot of people who suffer from them. According to certain data, there are over 100 million new cases of fever blisters in the United States every year.

As most people know, fever blisters are small, red boils which are usually seen on the lips or somewhere in the mouth area. They can also occur in the mouth and in extremely rare cases inside a nose. People should know that cold sores are caused by a certain virus called herpes simplex virus. People should also know that there is no cure for this virus and a person will be affected by it for the rest of his or her life. People should know that there are cases when a person is affected by the virus but never in his or her life experiences the outbreak of fever blisters. However, these situations are rare. Even though the virus cannot be treated, people need not worry too much since there are a lot of possible treatments for cold sores. There are a lot of natural cures, which are favored by a lot of people. People should also know that not all cures are good for every person and that if one does not work, they should try the next one after 48 hours without any progress.

Natural cure for fever blisters

In order to prepare a natural cure for cold sores, a person will need to get some ingredients first. The ingredients for a simple nature cure for cold sores are cotton balls, hydrogen peroxide, cotton swabs, tea tree oil, witch hazel, ice, marigold plant, a strainer and two gallons of water. When all the ingredients are gathered, a person should first soak the cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and apply it directly on the fever blisters. After holding the cotton on the blisters for two minutes, a person should remove it. This should be done three times per day. If this does not work, there are plenty other things a person can try with these ingredients. For instance, a person can simply apply ice to the cold sores for 10 minutes. This should be repeated once every hour, for eight hours. Another good remedy is tree tea oil. A person should dip a cotton swab into it and apply it directly to the blisters. This should be repeated several times in one day. Tips

People who suffer from fever blisters should avoid consuming coffee, tea, cola and chocolate, along with spicy and salty foods until the face is free of blisters.

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