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Frequent Nausea

Nausea is a symptom of numerous diseases, trauma to the head and side effect of many medications. It typically occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy. It is usually transitory and only if it lasts longer or frequently occurs may point to the presence of some underlying medical condition. In some people nausea can be alleviated by vomiting while others say that even though they have vomited they do not feel any relief.

Causes of Frequent Nausea

There are so many causes of nausea. Therefore, it is quite hard to name them all.

One of the causes of nausea includes inadequate eating habits. For example, people who overeat commonly develop nausea. Frequent nausea is also typical for chronic alcoholism. Apart from that people who are suffering from certain illnesses of gastrointestinal tract such as gastritis may also experience frequent attacks of nausea. Even problems with digestion and gallbladder may lead to frequent nausea.

Another cause of frequent nausea includes migraines. Migraines typically feature with nausea which accompanies excruciating headaches.

Pregnant women also suffer from frequent nausea and vomiting. This basically occurs in early stage of pregnancy and some women feel nausea even in advanced pregnancy.

Some people who are under too much stress may feel occasional nausea without even suspecting that stress has caused it. This type of nausea may also affect children if they have experienced some sort of trauma or fear.

Prolonged usage of certain medications may be another cause of frequent nausea. It typically affects patients who are suffering from chronic diseases and need to take medications for life-time. Furthermore, people suffering from cancers usually experience nausea during chemotherapy, and sometimes radiotherapy.

In rare cases, people can experience nausea when they are exposed to certain odors or strong scents. And finally, exposure to toxic chemicals and poisons may also result in nausea.

Treatment for Frequent Nausea

If one is suffering from frequent nausea he/ she is supposed to report this to his/ her doctor. The doctor will then perform physical examination and conduct a set of tests and additional examinations in order to establish the exact cause of nausea.

Some people will be advised how to improve their dietary regimes. Those who are suffering from medical conditions that cause nausea are prescribed medications which treat both, the underlying condition and nausea. If nausea is a side effect of certain medications they are discontinued and the patient is prescribed a new one. And finally, patients who are on chemotherapy or radiotherapy are administered antiemetics.

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